Speck BADU® Koi

The BADU®Koi range of sand filters is manufactured by Speck Pumps and has all the special features and quality that you as a koi enthusiast would require.  This allows you the satisfaction and enjoyment you deserve from your koi pond or water feature.


The BADU®Koi sand filter has a new unique quick release lid for easy manual back washing and maintenance, together with the smooth operating side mounted multiport valve.  This makes the filter user friendly and simple to operate.


The BADU®Koi sand filter has a Roto-molded one piece polyethylene tank, for strength and leakage prevention.


The BADU®Koi sand filter has an automatic air relief system therefore there is no pressure build up inside the tank.  All the materials used for the manufacture of the BADU®Koi sand filters are non-corrosive and UV resistant as well as being non-toxic, for long life satisfaction in filter operation.


The BADU®Koi sand filter features twelve angled free flow internal collector arms offering improved water filtration.  Natures answer to healthy fish.


The BADU®Koi sand filter is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carries a 18 month ex-factory warranty from date of purchase on the tank, the multiport valve, lid clamp ring and internal parts.

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