Azud Modular 100


MAXIMUM QUALITY AND SAFETY IN FILTRATION in a wide range of filtration grades in discs and screens. MAXIMA filter surface and reduced maintenance. Reduces the frequency and intensity of maintenance. The filter elements can be removed for filtering limpiarlos.Grados from 100 to 530 micron. STURDINESS. . Body and cover made of technical thermoplastic LOCKING THREAD effective high and low pressure. GASKET PLACED AT THE TOP OF THE FILTER, preventing its loss or deterioration in maintenance operations. EQUIPPED WITH AUXILIARY CONNECTIONS. – Lid with threaded connection its end to allow quick evacuation or depressurization. – Tomas gauge. All models are equipped with manometric intakes. EASY HANDLING. Without tools. EASY INSTALLATION.RESISTANCE TO CHEMICALS in its version with special seals. Applicable in fertigation.


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